About Us

TERCİH VANA; is working in Ball Valve production sector.

 It gives very high importance to the quality of production and service for the purpose of its vision which is being a Company reliable.

Our Manufacture;

 Water Ball Valve, steam Ball Valve, naturelgas Ball Valve and other Ball Valves.

It subscribes under the lots of products with its experienced and technical staffs within 10 years. It intends increasing this quanity in the future without swerving its quality.

Our Company, who has sufficient machines and equipments, has targets of serving its best all the time to its customers and increasing its customers’ pleasure for supplying all our customer requiremetns on time and without any problem.


We target to be the most preferred company in the sector that comes firstly to mind of our customers by adding value to customer and employee relations, accessing a wide range of clientele thanks to high quality products and services and being aware of social responsibility, being loyal to its values and adopting reliability, quality management, leadership in product diversity with a professional staff and customer-oriented service.


We aim to be a brand that provides products and services to our customers related to our field of activity without compromising on quality and ethical values and by ​​exceeding expectations every time and be an industry-leading company by putting research and development activities  into practice by production.

Tercih Vana